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Happy New Year! 1 of 365

Yes, another year, time really flies.  If you don’t pay attention, time and your life just slipped by without noticing.  So treasure every second.  This may sound a repeating old saying, however, if you have not gotten a chance to internalise this and understand and appreciate this, see if you have grabbed that concept in this year, this month, today, tomorrow.

Shakespeare used a similar phrase, “the swiftest hours, as they flew,” as did Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.”

I have decided to blog my year 2019, to understand how times has been utilised, You can improve only if you have a record to review and improve on 🙂 

  • I will document what i do starting from the time i wake up.
  • exercise i do.
  • books i read, courses i take.
  • food i eat


 Day 1.

I decided to take a photo outside of my unit everyday and see the gradual changes … if any  This is 0700am from my living room. 

From D’IXoras

Woke up a 0700am, did a quick wash-up, get dressed and took Princess out to the Fort canning park. Great to be able to bump into her new boyfriend Ringo. She has a great happy run around.

Princess, Ringo, Lulu

As usual, since I have to get back to work tomorrow, I won’t have a lot of time with Princess just does whatever she wants, we didn’t manage to get back home by 0945am. I quickly made breakfast for Princess and swept the floor etc. I finally had a chance to sit down and get my own coffee and papayya as my breakfast.

Close to 1200 then I finally managed to get down to my blog writing etc. But i didn’t get too far, trial and error, read emails, read social media. yet again, time flies… made myself a lunch : cheese toast with tomoato, red cabbage salad, pappaya and coffee. I tried to make it light so that i could find some excuse to walk out of the house and get a tea break later.

around 0400pm, I walked out to the nearest Mall, grabbed a mocha bread and came back home to “enjoy my tea break”

So by 5:11pm, I went for the 2nd walk of the day with Princess. I captured the night of Fort Canning, played with Princess for a long time, and got home around 7pm and prepared dinner for her. I had mine at 8:30pm. Finished my blog and then the day comes to an end.

  • Weight in the morning – 42.4 kg
  • Meal summary
    • Breakfast: Coffee, Papaya
    • Morning snack : Almonds
    • Lunch: Chees sandwich on wholemeal bread, red cabbage salad, Papaya fruit, coffe
    • Afternoon snack: mocha bread
    • Dinner: onion, broccoli , carrot, pumkin soup
    • late snack: Almond
    • Drinks: Sparkling water

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