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1st work week & Day 6 of 365

Ride the wave.  I would say that denotes the year of actions.  With a 2019 projected downturn of economy, company restructure never ends, digital transformation transform people out of job.  I think it is the right time to think about your work and life target and goals.

Job security?

Job security to me is never a relevant term because whatever you do, be it contractor, permanent, or even CEO , you can get removed anytime.  So talking about job security is meaningless.

Changes in the work community

2019 is a year to embrace the new economy, new ways of working.  according to Gallop poll  : 57 Million U.S. Workers Are Part Of The Gig Economy .  I feel the motive of getting into the Gig economy should be 3 folds, again first of all it should not be job security !  3 motive: first, enjoy a more flexible hours or way of life; second, can pick what you enjoy and feel fairly pay; third, you can work as hard, and as much you can or as little as you wish.

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