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Consultants for MNC are they worth it?

This week is bombarded by the prestiage consulting firm people from UK to guide my team how to navigate the reorganization changes.  They are supposed to be the expert in this field, and in particular in our own reorganization because we paid them money to organise us.

first 2 meetings were disappointing, they kept asking what I want.  hmm … I thought i am supposed to be a dumb dumb and be good and listen in?  So what have we been paying them to do ?   They have no global dynamics, no knowledge of the world outside of UK.  Why we hired jokers like that, i am sure that a hearty GBP 25K per month is the minimum charge.

Why we need consultants?   I feel that in this era, they are actually necessary as we normally do not have the volume of information workers, also it does not make sense to hire so many as permanent staff when the called to action items are heavy lifting but relatively short term.  We look to them for suggestions and bring to life actions.  However, most of the time, they step into a passive position, order taking, monkey see monkey do.

how can we really mobilise sensible?

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